Internship, final weeks

Now that I had a budget, a list of scores, and the necessary tools to purchase them in hand, I began the long ordering process. I ended up with 46 total works to order, which was quite substantial and took quite some time to complete. However, I felt an incredible feeling of satisfaction and pride, knowing that my research and training was finally paying off and that I was contributing not only my time and effort, but also my knowledge of the subject matter towards developing the music library’s already impressive collection of music. I reconvened with Dr. Cochran and we discussed my progress towards the final steps of my project and I briefed him on how I was doing. He seemed impressed enough with my work and that I had amassed a grand list of scores that totaled nearly $5,000 that he was gracious enough to allot another $500 towards my budget, bringing the total to $2,000 instead of the original $1,500. I was quite pleased with this, of course, and so I added some symphonies and larger orchestral works to the list that I believed would be a good addition to the music library. Reflecting back on my internship, I believe I’ve gained incredibly useful skills, while also contributing to the music library in a meaningful way. I’m extremely grateful for the time I spent doing my internship and I’m sure the music library will be well served with the scores it will receive.

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