Note to Incoming Students

Welcome! Thanks for your interest in research here in the IU ProHealth group. I am always looking for great students who are interested in working at the intersection of health informatics, human computer interaction, and pervasive computing.  If you are interested in these areas, please come talk to me.

Note to Students: I will not reply to generic emails addressed to “Dear Sir” or emails that do not mention how my research interests overlap with your own research interests.

Frequently Asked Questions by Incoming Students

  • Can you give me a research assistantship, job, internship, teaching assistantship, etc.?
    • IU School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SICE) has a strong PhD program with terrific financial support for graduate students. Our program will support great students. I cannot give a firm answer to this question until we see your application and the ProHealth faculty discuss all of the candidates.
    • I will only recommend students for jobs and internships if they have taken a class or independent study with me and showed they could master new material.
  • Can you assist me with SICE Informatics admissions?
    • My only recommendation here is to read papers of the professors you are interested in working with and specifically mention the professors and how their interests (e.g., cite/mention papers) are inline with your interests.