South Africa Topo-Cadastral Maps

While cataloging the South Africa 1:50,000 series, I came across a number of maps that are both topographical and cadastral. Cadastral maps are maps that show the property lines and property owners. In this case, because the maps are from South Africa in 1961 they are maps of apartheid. While I don’t think that cadastral maps of South Africa even exists from the pre-apartheid era, it would be interesting to see how things looked before systematic land grabs from the people who have lived in South Africa for thousands of years. It’s just another example of interesting items that IU has in its map collection. It’s also another example of the way the IUCAT listings are not wholly accurate and interesting features of specific maps are not listed in the catalog. While I can’t begin to add information on every map in the collection, by adding this information to my index map, it might be discoverable to researchers interesting in this topic.

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