Public use of GIS

Although colleges and universities use GIS to manage their map collections, it also is used by local government and is accessible to the public.  For example, maps and property information for Monroe County, Indiana, are available through Elevate.  The user must agree to a license agreement, which simply states the data is for public information services only, updated as provided by the country, and not to be used for legal purposes.  It also has a tutorial that consists of 5 boxes with descriptions of how to use the site that you can click through or examine the topics more thoroughly.  But using the site is relatively intuitive even without the tutorial.  The site is searchable by address, parcel ID number, or owner name.  But if you don’t have the specific information and know an address or owner in the general area, you can search for that parcel.  You can find the parcel you want by knowing where it is located in relation to the address you know and click on it.  The information for that parcel can then be obtained.  The information is divided into 4 topics.  The report card contains a picture of the land and building, with information about the owner, address, neighborhood, legal description, historical transfer of ownership, valuation and sales,  The other topics are tax bill, overlay report, and additional data.  For Monroe County, there is a link to the county website through additional data to pay your tax bill.

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