IU Story Maps

A part of IU’s celebration of its bicentennial are story maps that map out IU’s history, which are “visual depictions of pieces of Indiana University’s history (https://200.iu.edu/history/timelines/story-maps.html). There are three story maps. The first is a sketch map drawn by Theophilius A. Wylie’s grandson in 1954 by memory (Theophilius A. Wylie III’s Memory Map). This interactive map is useful in understanding what the Wylie house property was like in the 19th century with reference to the current landscape. The Legacy of Andrew Wylie memory map looks at IU when Andrew Wylie became the first president of Indiana College, which became Indiana University in 1838 under his leadership. It include artifacts found at the site of the Wylie House. The Greek House memory map in an interactive spyglass map that compares the IU campus of 1938 to today with a focus on Greek housing. In this fascinating memory map, a 1939 archival map is superimposed on current satellite imagery. You can also click on green pushpins to obtain additional information about individual Greek houses.

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