IU Bloomington Limestone Maps

Indiana University Bloomington uses GIS maps to show the beauty and history of it’s limestone buildings. This online map (https://igs.indiana.edu/IGSMap/?map=CampusLimestoneTour) highlights limestone, the architecture and the history of the Bloomington campus. It can be accessed from our computer or mobile device to enhance your walk around the campus. You can click on the numbered features on the pay to see photos of various buildings and learn about the limestone used in the construction of that building, as well as the architectural style and historic facts. The description of the Herman B. Wells Library, built in 1970, includes 2 theories about the design of the exterior panels. Are they meant to resemble piles of books or the strata of the bedrock exposed in southern Indiana? The description also notes the building was featured in the classic movie, “Breaking Away.” The Indiana Memorial Union was built in the Collegiate Gothic style, while the law school was build using a combination of Modern and Collegiate Gothic style. This is a great example of how using smart phones to access GIS services can allow for people to create their own tours and have accurate directions and markings as people move around the world in the real time.

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