IU Bloomington Campus Model

While through the union I stopped to notice this 3d model of the IU Bloomington Campus. Although I am sure that trustees and master planners have seen many different versions of this map, I really appreciate the model in the Memorial Union. Although I know that IU owns many of the houses around campus, the color coding of the model buildings shows how the official line of campus becomes blurred at the edges. Not only does it really show the size of the campus, but it shows what the future plans are for the campus buildings. I also wonder about the man hours that went in to this model. While it is easy to just switch filters and run analyses on the ArcMap, this model was probably designed using the software, but then either 3d printed, or created by hand. It is maps like these that can really change your perception about the area around you. For instance, I know the Memorial Union can be large and confusing, but looking at it “from above” really shows how large and sprawling the building actually is. Now I don’t have to be so embarrassed about getting lost in there all the time!

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