The Final Post!

I can’t believe next week will be my last week as a Scholars’ Commons intern! I am happy that the Zotero project has been completed, but the graduate project has morphed over the past few weeks. It began as a separate page on the library website, morphed into a possible LibGuide, and it now has been tucked away in order for us to address the overall structure of the Scholars’ Commons website. We found that addressing the information architecture to that landing page is the most crucial and time-sensitive matter. I will not be getting Drupal training until my second-to-last shift; so, I think there will be a few hours here and there that will be needed to get things done. With the library’s limited hours during the semester breaks, this may prove challenging; however, I am up for the challenge!

I have scheduled my final review with my supervisor on August 1. I will also begin working on my internship presentation!

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