The Unintended Consequences of Journal Writing

I am a firm believer that most experiences have something to teach you.  Ranging from the mundane to the profound, experiences provide opportunities to mine for nuggets of knowledge.  That being said, what kind of learner would I be if I did not take writing these journal entries as an opportunity for growth!  I viewed creating this blog as an opportunity to learn more about content management systems (in this case, WordPress).

When I got to my landing page, I wanted to customize it a bit.  The nice thing about WordPress is that little-to-no understanding of HTML/CSS is needed.  In fact, I think the primary intended audience are those without any web development understanding.  I at times would get frustrated by the way that text grouped into blocks and would switch to the code mode in order to better control my content (in particular, the creation of bulleted or numbered lists).  I also found that the site works better if you type directly into a post as opposed to copying in text.  That is not how I personally wanted to use this site, as I wanted a backup document with all of my journal entries in case something terrible went awry, but I can see why WordPress promotes this way of operation.

For the design of my blog, I wanted it to be cheery and full of pep.  I used a preset layout but then did some work with colors and images to jazz things up a bit.  I also made sure to use tags and categorization throughout my post for ease of search.  I am pretty happy with how things turned out in the end!  It has metadata AND a pineappleā€¦ what more can you want?

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