Creating Resource Guides

I’m back at work after surgery and am a) jumping right back into my projects and b) thankful for the somewhat sedentary nature of behind-the-scenes-librarianship!

I have not yet finished my Zotero LibGuide, although it is coming along quite well!  Today, I received some training related to my next project: creating a resource page for graduate students.  Originally, we were thinking that this page would be housed on the library’s main page, but we are now considering putting this information into a LibGuide as well.  I am a bit disappointed that I won’t get to learn Drupal, but I have already begun to consider things I would do differently with this new LibGuide.  The two main things are:

Start from scratch.

With my Zotero LibGuide, I tried so hard to incorporate the information already on the page and, while this was helpful sometimes, most of the time, it was cumbersome.  So much of the information was outdated, and trying to rearrange content within a LibGuide proved more difficult than I imagined.  As the only existing LibGuide for new graduate students that I found is very outdated (possibly over 5 years old), I just want to scrap it and start anew

Continue to explore information architecture practices for LibGuides vs. web.

I have now talked with an IU Libraries web experience professional and a LibGuides professional, and they definitely have diverging opinions on best practices for the web.  I am going to need to assess my audience a bit more (and talk to my supervisor) to determine whose opinion reigns supreme for this new LibGuide.  I want to create something of which I am proud; so, I also want to trust my own inclinations and teachings. 

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