Developing LibGuides on the Back-End

Today, I went to a training on a behind-the-scenes look at using LibGuides.  Having looked at the experience just from the front end so far, it was interesting to learn more about the back-end features of the Springshare software.  The software felt immediately familiar, with editing features similar to other content management systems like WordPress.  Little-to-no actual web programming knowledge is necessary to use LibGuides, even for more robust features like embedding databases or image carousels.

One thing that I found particularly interesting is how the LibGuides talk to each other.  You can easily copy over the content from one guide to another, even if you are not the owner of that guide.  Creative Commons licensing takes sharing one step further, allowing someone outside of your institution to use materials you have published for non-commercial use.  I used this information to do a bit more research into other schools’ LibGuides on Zotero.  I still think I am moving in the right direction with the information architecture overhaul that I had in mind, but I may be able to copy over some of the content from other universities. 

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