Comparing Citation Management Software Usage at Big 10 Institutions

Now that I understand a bit more about Zotero, I wanted to dig deeper and learn about other citation management software. In perusing many websites, including the comparison chart offered by IU Libraries, there seem to be 2 heavy hitters in the citation management scene: Zotero and EndNote. I have heard of EndNote before and, personally, am not a fan because a) it costs money and b) I find it less intuitive to use.  I was unsure if other institutions used similar citation management software, and I wanted to explore this topic.

To research, I decided to look at information about citation management posted on main library websites for Big 10 institutions.  I focused solely on citation software management systems for which the institution had published some kind of information and not just mentioned the software in passing.  The following chart displays the results that I found:

It appears that EndNote and Zotero truly are king; however it could be worth exploring solutions like Mendeley or Refworks.  At least 3 institutions publish information about Mendeley and/or Refworks on their sites, and understanding these citation software management systems could be helpful in future research.

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