#11 “…a power that challenges all power!”

The title above is taken from “The New Gods” #3 (National Periodical Publications, Inc., June-July 1971). The full quote, on the second page of the comic, is “I am the quarry of a power that challenges all power!” – and, come on, that’s just such a good line!


The project is at its final phases – at least, at its final phases with my involvement. I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning rehousing the final comics into their proper folders and adding in skeleton records for them, since I won’t have time to play with them myself; I’ve also spent a bit of time finishing up and tidying my previous records, so they’re about as good as I can make them at this point.

A fun fact I noticed as I began the rehousing project: the titles on our preservation folders don’t match, syntactically, with the titles we gave the items in our spreadsheet. A minor distinction, to be fair – the folders forego including volumes and months, and call the term “no.” “issue” instead.

So instead of A Comic Title, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1994, the folders tend to read A Comic Title, Iss. 1, 1994. But heh, that’s something I didn’t even notice and I touched every single 1,403 of them. Luckily, it doesn’t matter; they’ll be identifiable in either case, and I’m letting the new folders match the spreadsheet – but still.


Steven and I did a test-run of the CSV import this morning; we wanted to make sure it would work as it did, go over a few technicalities (when to click “HTML”), and to make a few judgments on the display of the record. And it worked! We didn’t do a lot, but it felt amazing to see the records appear, fleshed out and neatly aligned and all-but ready for display. It also brought up some changes we’ll want to see in the future. At this stage we can finally visualize what the records will look like online, as well as how users will access them, and a whole new slew of decisions has begun with that.


I attended the Research and Education Services Meeting; RES is a collection of liaison librarians and subject specialists – think the people who work directly with academic college departments, and not just for projects. It was another new look at library services. JMU hosts the MREST, an information literary test given to freshmen, so we went over its results and result analysis, identifying possible steps to keep improving scores in the future. We then looked at the Instruction Materials Repository, a collection available to all librarians at JMU, in an attempt to share useful resources and worksheets to help with instruction.


And then it was time for my own presentation to JMU Libraries about my time here. I’d been preparing for a few weeks, and I really enjoyed getting a chance to share my progress with the rest of the community. I’ll be sharing a (much) abridged version of that presentation at the IU ILS summer internship meeting.


And that’s that. My last post will happen after tomorrow, my last day – particularly after the exit interview, where we’ll discuss final thoughts on the internship and the process.

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