Week 10

I wrapped up cataloging print scores this week.  I cataloged Symphony by David Ward-Steinman.  I then had a meeting with my supervisor, Chuck, and we discussed my progress and goals.  We have decided that I am making good progress.  I have become familiar with online and paper resources that are used in cataloging music print material.  I have also learned about the different levels of cataloging standards such as full, Pcc, etc., as well as local cataloging practices.   I have been very happy with the records that I have produced in Marc and that have been added to IUCAT. 

Chuck and I both feel like I have gotten a firm grasp of cataloging scores.  My focus now will be shifting to catalog electronic dissertations.  It will provide the opportunity to learn how to catalog electronic resources.    

I did catalog one online dissertation this week: Devising methods for classical performers.

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