Week 9

I continued working on cataloging works by Ward-Steinman.  I cataloged Brancusi’s brass beds, Rituals, Symphony, and Perelandra.  Perelandra presented an issue because it is subtitled double concerto for violin.  This presented a problem for the authority record because this would be considered an alternate title; however, I recently cataloged a work by Ward-Steinman that was called Double concerto for violin.  In this case, we would simply add more information such as the year.  They were both written this not adequate because the same year.   After some digging was done, it seems that Perelandra was a version of the double concerto arranged for chamber orchestra.  However, this was not true regarding the copy of Perelandra that we have—it was still scored for full orchestra.  Perhaps this was an early version.   Because of this, the authority records had to be carefully constructed to differentiate between these two works. 

After finishing these scores, I have have started to catalog electronic dissertations. 

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