Week 7

More original cataloging of scores.  This week I cataloged a Four Orchestral Song by Primo Levi (https://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/17577818) written by Simon Bainbridge.  This work has highlighted the importance of researching the items you are cataloging because it also goes by the name Ad ora incerta.   Because of this I had to make sure that the correct 240 field was present—the uniform title.  Because this was, also a musical setting of four poems by Primo Levi I included the proper 700 field with the “musical setting of (work)” included for all four poems.  Chuck said that he probably would not have done that if the title of the poems had not already been authorized access points in OCLC.  This was good to know because this applied to the next piece that I cataloged—Seasons Fantastic by David Ward-Steinman (https://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/17559409 ) who taught at IU as a composition professor.    It is also coincidental but several scores I have cataloged this week have not been published scores.  This is reflected in the 264 filed by stating that the producer is not identified.   This can been seen in the Ward-Steinman score and also in an arranged of Pictures at an Exhibition ( https://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/11747584 ) for woodwind quintet and piano by David Walter.

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