Week 12

I continued to catalog electronic dissertations and theses this week. Like I previously mentioned, the hardest part of this process is assigning subject headings to these dissertations. Though, I do feel like I am getting better at it! The last week of my internship is coming to an end. While not much has changed since […]

Week 11

I continued to catalog electronic dissertations and theses.  The theses and dissertations for all majors except composition are treated like an as an electronic book.   Composition majors compose a piece of music and submit a score.  Therefore, their theses are treated like scores.  Because of this, the cataloging process is almost identical to the process […]

Week 10

I wrapped up cataloging print scores this week.  I cataloged Symphony by David Ward-Steinman.  I then had a meeting with my supervisor, Chuck, and we discussed my progress and goals.  We have decided that I am making good progress.  I have become familiar with online and paper resources that are used in cataloging music print […]

Week 9

I continued working on cataloging works by Ward-Steinman.  I cataloged Brancusi’s brass beds, Rituals, Symphony, and Perelandra.  Perelandra presented an issue because it is subtitled double concerto for violin.  This presented a problem for the authority record because this would be considered an alternate title; however, I recently cataloged a work by Ward-Steinman that was […]

Week 8

This week I continued creating original OCLC records for works by David Ward-Steinman.  The majority of these scores are unpublished.   Because of this the 264 field, the publisher/production statement ends up looking something like this: San Diego : [publisher not identified], |c (1979?) .  That statement lists the location in which it the item was […]

Week 7

More original cataloging of scores.  This week I cataloged a Four Orchestral Song by Primo Levi (https://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/17577818) written by Simon Bainbridge.  This work has highlighted the importance of researching the items you are cataloging because it also goes by the name Ad ora incerta.   Because of this I had to make sure that the correct […]