Week 6

I continued to create original cataloging records for a wide variety of scores including a transcription of Rhapsody in Blue for saxophone quartet, a transcription of Simple Symphony by Britten for guitar choir.  I also cataloged a few original works for percussion ensemble.   Each record I am making is up to Program for Cooperative Cataloging Standards, which means that it meets certain criteria for what information is recorded in the bib record.   Cataloging certainly is a repetitive task and I feel like I am getting more proficient and recording the correct information accurately.   

The scores I have cataloged this week have brought up some interesting cataloging topics including uniform titles for musical works.  A uniform title is important so that all instances of an item can be found in a database.  Let’s look at an example.   A person might be interested in seeing what editions the library owns of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky.  If the user simply puts in the Rite of Spring, they will probably get a few results, for works specifically cataloged under the English title.  However, catalogers have decided that the uniform title—that is an authorized access point for this work is not its English name nor even its name in French.  Instead, the uniform title is in Russian:  Vesna svi͡ashchennai͡a.  By searching by the preferred title, you will get all instances of this work (as long as the cataloger has included the preferred title). 

Uniform titles can be straightforward for works with unique names, such as in the example above.  However, when an item has a type title, such as sonata or symphony, it becomes a bit more complicated.  Fortunately, there are many books such as the Harden as well as Uniform Title for Music by Koth to help the cataloger create the correct uniform title. 

The transcriptions that I cataloged this week keep their original preferred titles that can be found in the authority records and then get a sub field o after then with the word arranged. 

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