Week 4

This week was a shortened week due to the holiday and having family in town.  I only worked two days this week but I continued to copy catalog scores from the Baldner donation.  I also continued to read The Harden and Maxwell texts.   Both texts are helping me further grasp the concepts of RDA and how they should be applied to music items in Marc format. 

It is interesting to see how badly some records need to be cleaned up in OCLC. One of the scores that I processed this week was a copy of Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune by Debussy. I would have assumed that most scores, especially older ones, would have all of the information needed to simply copy catalog the item. However, I was mistaken. I had to do several things to clean up the record, including recording the size of the score and medium of performance. He is the cleaned up record in IUCAT: https://iucat.iu.edu/catalog/17558048 .

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