Week 3

This week I continued reading Maxwell’s handbook for RDA as well as the Harden.  Both provide very clear instructions on recording information from items that are being cataloged.  I started to copy catalog scores from a large donation to the music library by Bettina Baldner.  She donated Music scores from her late husband’s, Thomas Baldner, collection.  Thomas Baldner was a professor of Instrumental Conducting at IU from 1976-2008. 

Like monographs, I am tasked with finding the best record to copy catalog.  Some scores have records that need to be updated.  For example, I updated the record for Sinfonie Concertante by Hanns Jelinek (OCLC 24393306).  This record needed serious updating.  I had to change the record to follow RDA format, add subject headings, add authority records for the title (ARN 12101846), edition statements, and more. 

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