Week 6

I continued to create original cataloging records for a wide variety of scores including a transcription of Rhapsody in Blue for saxophone quartet, a transcription of Simple Symphony by Britten for guitar choir.  I also cataloged a few original works for percussion ensemble.   Each record I am making is up to Program for Cooperative Cataloging […]

Week 5

 I focused on original cataloging of scores.  The skills I have learned from copy cataloging and enhancing bibliographic records has proven very useful in preparation for original cataloging. With this preparation, I now know what information needs to be recorded and how to format it in Marc. Recording the medium of performance has been interesting […]

Week 4

This week was a shortened week due to the holiday and having family in town.  I only worked two days this week but I continued to copy catalog scores from the Baldner donation.  I also continued to read The Harden and Maxwell texts.   Both texts are helping me further grasp the concepts of RDA and […]

Week 3

This week I continued reading Maxwell’s handbook for RDA as well as the Harden.  Both provide very clear instructions on recording information from items that are being cataloged.  I started to copy catalog scores from a large donation to the music library by Bettina Baldner.  She donated Music scores from her late husband’s, Thomas Baldner, […]