Post 11

First week in the new office! It’s an awesome new space and its very nice to be near the other interns again. Unfortunately, some of the other interns are also leaving this week but I will only be here another half a week once they are gone. Time flies! This week I am focused on […]

Post 6

After doing some research this week, I have created a document that evaluates various different library management software. I decided to go with a more commercial version, as EA wanted their Office support staff to be able to operate it quickly and easily. It’s meant to be used, but it looks like it will be […]

Post 5

I was asked to find a program/application that would help keep track of books in a newly formed EA library that will be created in the new space. It’s going to be a very small space, but the new system needs to be flexible enough to incorporate either multiple spaces or a rapidly growing size. […]

Post 3

Returning to the original post, the meeting that happened for that project did not go as I expected it to. There was a lot of push back on the manner in which I was able to generate template sheets based on a survey. The main argument was that they were overly complicated on the back […]