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This week, I am in the position of waiting for feedback for some of the completed work that I have done. For my main projects, I have created a survey that will take the employees response and help to generate a template for an employee profile within an internal EA wiki. The goal is to help employees create a page without them having to do much work except for copying and pasting. I will get more into the details of the project in posts following this, but this first post is to help me get my feet on the ground before I start being retrospective. In addition, there is a debate that is still happening within our “knowledge profile” team about the software/delivery method being used for these profiles: the wiki or a service called pingboard. However, that meeting will be happening on Thursday so we will see how that situation plays out. In addition, I used this same method to create a survey/template for generating a wiki page for EA’s projects to have their own space within the wiki. Tomorrow, EA is offering a professional development seminar on job interviewing for all of the interns so I have that to look forward to.

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