Post 12

The final week and the final post. There isn’t too much to really say. A lot of project wrap up and documenting next steps in the initiatives that I have started. In addition, the library has moved locations twice, which has been a headache. That’s how these things go. I have enjoyed my time at EA quite a bit!

Post 11

First week in the new office! It’s an awesome new space and its very nice to be near the other interns again. Unfortunately, some of the other interns are also leaving this week but I will only be here another half a week once they are gone. Time flies! This week I am focused on physically moving the books and setting up the library.

Post 10

This week the focus is on moving offices to a new building closer to the capitol square in Madison. It’s a big move and we all have to be trained on how to use the moving company’s system to move efficiently. It doesn’t help this is happening at the peak of EA’s busy season. My job is to register the CEO’s library into the libib system. It’s a chaotic week. This is where the retrospection stops that started in post 2.

Post 9

I honestly don’t have a lot of notes for this week. I was probably in an out of meetings and working on the wiki or libib. One fun thing from this week is that our internship coordinator took us all to an escape room, which was pretty fun. Our room only had a ~25% success rate and we managed to get out! Good stuff.

Post 7

We have decided to go with Libib as a software, but we are going to have to wait on the purchasing of it. I am not exactly sure why, but for now my priorities are shifting back to the surveys and honing the language and questions. An issue arises whenever a question is added, as it makes the data a lot messier since it will append a column after the furthest column. It is easy to work with, just annoying.

Post 6

After doing some research this week, I have created a document that evaluates various different library management software. I decided to go with a more commercial version, as EA wanted their Office support staff to be able to operate it quickly and easily. It’s meant to be used, but it looks like it will be a smaller user base. As of now, I am waiting to hear from the Research manager to approve which software will be used and purchased. For the sake of clarity, I was mostly trying to get them to decide between a system called Libib and Librarika. My preference is Libib.

Post 5

I was asked to find a program/application that would help keep track of books in a newly formed EA library that will be created in the new space. It’s going to be a very small space, but the new system needs to be flexible enough to incorporate either multiple spaces or a rapidly growing size. I also need the system to be very easy to use to ensure that it is easy to pass off when I leave the organization.

Post 4

My supervisor has continued to support my original idea, so I have expanded the idea to also be able to work for creating a project page for EA. I looked into using Wiki Templates that come from MediaWiki, but I am not exactly sure how to implement it to the current EA Wiki infrastructure. I have asked the IT employee that pushed back against my employee profile for help, but with an upcoming move that is looking unlikely. 

Post 3

Returning to the original post, the meeting that happened for that project did not go as I expected it to. There was a lot of push back on the manner in which I was able to generate template sheets based on a survey. The main argument was that they were overly complicated on the back end as it piped information between a survey, spreadsheet, and a word document. There were no tangible solutions offered, but it is something that I will begin looking into. I do agree that my solution is overly complicated on the back end of things, but I think that it is important that it works and is easy to use on the front end.