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Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11908.07

This is my final blog post for my internship at MCPL. It has been a great summer and I am so happy that I was able to work so closely with the teen space and with MCPL all summer. I am going to miss it and all of the teens so much. My last day was filled with a lot of hugs and tears and it felt good to hear and see that I was able to make an impact on their lives, even if only for a few months.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11908.04

This was my second to last week at MCPL, and I am going to miss it so much. It has been painfully slow at the space, but I was able to play some board games with the teens and also join a small DnD adventure. Some of the teens are already starting to say goodbye to me which is sad, but it has been so great getting to know them all and get to work with the library staff at MCPL.

Turned in my final program to Sam, which was a microwave cooking class. That went well. I have been working on my presentation for the internship, which has made me emotional looking back on everything I have been able to do this summer.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11907.26

Another quiet week at the library. There was DnD club, which was rough this time due to some of the teens breaking some of the rules. I helped the person running it, but some of the teens were just acting out, which made it hard for the whole group to participate.

I have been bringing in my crochet projects recently, and it has been nice to show the teens how to crochet and talk about their own crafting projects. My time is coming to a close there, which is sad, but I am just trying to finish up what I have left in the next two weeks.

That is about it.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11907.21 (Part 2)

What else happened this week, besides it being deathly slow, was I put on my program! It was a one shot horror RPG, where teens were trying to escape the Ground Floor space.

I was worried because only one teen was there for the program, since most of them were out of town for the summer. Eventually though, I convinced a group of DnD regulars to come play, so we had a total of 5 players. It was so fun and went really well. It was a number of teens that got loud on occasion, but I was easily able to reign it back so we could keep playing. They were all funny and creative and I had a great time playing with them all!

I’d say my first library program was a success!


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11907.21 (Part 1)

The past week was very slow. Most of the teens are gone for vacations and things, and according to my boss July is notoriously a slow month. There wasn’t a lot to do in the space, but it gave me some time to talk with teens I didn’t usually get to. Played some board games and hung out a lot. Honestly, there is not a lot going on, making this hard to write.

Working on my final program to turn in, which is going well. That is about it.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11907.12

The week after I returned from vacation and it was another quiet week at the space, although a couple of interesting things came up. Missed everyone there so much, but I was so tired.

First off, just finished my program for next week and am working on the final program that I am going to turn in. Also made slime with the teens which was fun, and messy.

For the interesting things, the first was a few religious representatives approached some teens in the lobby and gave them pamphlets and books. It was obvious a few of them were very uncomfortable, but, after discussing it with security, the teens had allowed the religious representatives to sit with them, which meant we could not intervene. Eventually, we discussed with the teens the rules of the library, including that nobody can recruit or give pamphlets in the library. We will see if they return.

The second was a parent who explained their teen was having mental health issues and was seeking treatments that the parent didn’t believe were helping. The parent said that they did not believe their child was ill and were looking for other resources in the community for their teen to talk to other teens. I gave that one to my boss, who did give some resources, but it was the first time I had to talk with a parent whose beliefs went against mine and I had to see how to deal with that.

Finally, a teen used a racial slur in the space, and I saw how we deal with that at MCPL. It is reported to security and the teen is banned for 6 months. Actually, beyond calling security, the staff usually keeps out of that so security can step in.

Well that is about it.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11906.27

This week was slow in the space, but it was nice to have a quiet couple of days. I was able to finish one of my program outlines required for the internship and am almost done with my Dread one I am presenting in July. I just need to finish writing the script and creating the characters and I should be ready!

Did some more needle felting and some sculpting this week and also lost a lot of rounds of Mario Kart. I helped out with DnD Club which this week had 10 members come, which was a little chaotic with the normal cap being 8 players. I helped research spells, keep talking to a minimum so others could talk, and help new players talk through potential moves. It is always fun hanging out with that group and I get so excited when I see new players!

That’s really about it. Like I said, it was a pretty slow week.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11906.23

This blog post is coming a little late because I wanted to include my 8 Hour Comic Book Day adventures!

It has been really slow in the space recently, a lot of vacations or other activities. We are getting a lot of summer camps coming through and I spent some time with a couple of the kids doing crafts like painting, needle felting, and making stickers. Also did some watching of Judge Judy, because why not?

It was also Art Bootcamp this week so I got to help with that a little. The kids came to the space early and sculpted whatever they wanted which was awesome. I spent a lot of time with a teen who was only here for the week visiting family and we made Totoros and talked about marching band.

8 Hour Comic Book Day was fun. I helped with prep starting Wednesday going around the collections and choosing cool looking graphic novels to display. I came for the last 4 hours and it was pretty quiet, but I got to see a lot of cool comic panels being made and just hang out with some regular teens. In preparation for the event I read Nimona, Rat Queens, Moonstruck, and Lumberjanes so I could talk about graphic novels with the people at the event. I highly recommend Nimona, it was incredible.

Final update this week, we finished the Zelda puzzle! Last Sunday there were only 3 teens in the space and I enlisted their help to finish it and we did. It felt good.


Captain’s Blog Stardate 11906.13

It has been very busy in the space this week. Sunday was All Ages Day, but that just meant making 3D pen art with a really cool 6 and 10 year old, both of which only wanted to make snakes. Also Wednesday we came close to breaking the record for most teens in the space and I was tired! There were 65 teens that came in within the first half hour, so a lot of running.

One of the teens made me a necklace and I cried a little. Then I cried a little more because I realized he was leaving for the rest of the summer and I probably wouldn’t see him again. I know it’s been a month and a half (give or take) but I have made so many connections to the teens and it is hard to see them leave. I am not sure how I will hold myself together when this internship ends.

Worked on creating my programs, did some needle felting, made some buttons. The teens were playing exclusively disco music and Weird Al this week, which has taught me patience.

Honestly, not a whole lot to report. While it was crazy in the space getting pulled in every direction for different things, not too much happened on the individual scale. Been updating and reworking my resume and creating a spreadsheet of all of the programs I have been making. Thought I might as well do that while it is fresh so I can have it for interviews. I’m feeling so responsible.

The Zelda puzzle is almost complete! There were 2 teens that sat for 2 hours working on it and almost got it done. So close!


Captain’s Blog Stardate 11906.07

Well, I was just informed that everyone at IU can read my sleep deprived internship rants. So….hello!

Speaking of sleep deprived, I fell asleep twice during my internship this week. Once my boss had to wake me up. The other time I hadn’t realized I was asleep since my dream took place in the space, until I realized I could hear the rhythmic chanting of someone warning me that “she was dying” set to the tune of the the 3D printer. I am going to try to cut down on coffee.

The internship is going well. My boss was impressed by my book list I created and I have finished the script for the program I am doing. The space itself has been fairly quiet, so I spent some time playing DnD, until I was told that I was “too sassy” by one of the other players. To be fair, the character given to me was an emo necromancer tiefling with a raven familiar named Grave Dweller. It would have been a waste of my teenage emo stage to not be, at least, a little sassy.

The DM of that group was appalled that I had never read any books by YA Horror novelist Dawn Kurtagich and checked out a copy of And The Trees Crept In for me to read. It made me laugh that the kids are doing RA for me instead of the other way around, but it did warm my heart to see them taking an interest in reading and wanting to share their enthusiasm with me. As for the book it was a quick read with a lot of really cool ideas, but a disappointing ending.

The kids are really excited about Pride Month and have been creating really cool art and pronoun pins and representing us at different Pride events, including playing rainbow colored bagpipes to drown out the lone protester at Spencer Pride. I, as always, am so proud of these kids and the cool stuff they are doing.

Update about the puzzle, I finished a large chunk of the bottom row and someone has been slowly working their way through the top row. We might just finish it after all.