Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11908.07

This is my final blog post for my internship at MCPL. It has been a great summer and I am so happy that I was able to work so closely with the teen space and with MCPL all summer. I am going to miss it and all of the teens so much. My last day was filled with a lot of hugs and tears and it felt good to hear and see that I was able to make an impact on their lives, even if only for a few months.


Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11908.04

This was my second to last week at MCPL, and I am going to miss it so much. It has been painfully slow at the space, but I was able to play some board games with the teens and also join a small DnD adventure. Some of the teens are already starting to say goodbye to me which is sad, but it has been so great getting to know them all and get to work with the library staff at MCPL.

Turned in my final program to Sam, which was a microwave cooking class. That went well. I have been working on my presentation for the internship, which has made me emotional looking back on everything I have been able to do this summer.