Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11907.12

The week after I returned from vacation and it was another quiet week at the space, although a couple of interesting things came up. Missed everyone there so much, but I was so tired.

First off, just finished my program for next week and am working on the final program that I am going to turn in. Also made slime with the teens which was fun, and messy.

For the interesting things, the first was a few religious representatives approached some teens in the lobby and gave them pamphlets and books. It was obvious a few of them were very uncomfortable, but, after discussing it with security, the teens had allowed the religious representatives to sit with them, which meant we could not intervene. Eventually, we discussed with the teens the rules of the library, including that nobody can recruit or give pamphlets in the library. We will see if they return.

The second was a parent who explained their teen was having mental health issues and was seeking treatments that the parent didn’t believe were helping. The parent said that they did not believe their child was ill and were looking for other resources in the community for their teen to talk to other teens. I gave that one to my boss, who did give some resources, but it was the first time I had to talk with a parent whose beliefs went against mine and I had to see how to deal with that.

Finally, a teen used a racial slur in the space, and I saw how we deal with that at MCPL. It is reported to security and the teen is banned for 6 months. Actually, beyond calling security, the staff usually keeps out of that so security can step in.

Well that is about it.


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