Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11906.27

This week was slow in the space, but it was nice to have a quiet couple of days. I was able to finish one of my program outlines required for the internship and am almost done with my Dread one I am presenting in July. I just need to finish writing the script and creating the characters and I should be ready!

Did some more needle felting and some sculpting this week and also lost a lot of rounds of Mario Kart. I helped out with DnD Club which this week had 10 members come, which was a little chaotic with the normal cap being 8 players. I helped research spells, keep talking to a minimum so others could talk, and help new players talk through potential moves. It is always fun hanging out with that group and I get so excited when I see new players!

That’s really about it. Like I said, it was a pretty slow week.


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