Captain’s Blog: Stardate 11906.23

This blog post is coming a little late because I wanted to include my 8 Hour Comic Book Day adventures!

It has been really slow in the space recently, a lot of vacations or other activities. We are getting a lot of summer camps coming through and I spent some time with a couple of the kids doing crafts like painting, needle felting, and making stickers. Also did some watching of Judge Judy, because why not?

It was also Art Bootcamp this week so I got to help with that a little. The kids came to the space early and sculpted whatever they wanted which was awesome. I spent a lot of time with a teen who was only here for the week visiting family and we made Totoros and talked about marching band.

8 Hour Comic Book Day was fun. I helped with prep starting Wednesday going around the collections and choosing cool looking graphic novels to display. I came for the last 4 hours and it was pretty quiet, but I got to see a lot of cool comic panels being made and just hang out with some regular teens. In preparation for the event I read Nimona, Rat Queens, Moonstruck, and Lumberjanes so I could talk about graphic novels with the people at the event. I highly recommend Nimona, it was incredible.

Final update this week, we finished the Zelda puzzle! Last Sunday there were only 3 teens in the space and I enlisted their help to finish it and we did. It felt good.


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