Captain’s Blog Stardate 11906.13

It has been very busy in the space this week. Sunday was All Ages Day, but that just meant making 3D pen art with a really cool 6 and 10 year old, both of which only wanted to make snakes. Also Wednesday we came close to breaking the record for most teens in the space and I was tired! There were 65 teens that came in within the first half hour, so a lot of running.

One of the teens made me a necklace and I cried a little. Then I cried a little more because I realized he was leaving for the rest of the summer and I probably wouldn’t see him again. I know it’s been a month and a half (give or take) but I have made so many connections to the teens and it is hard to see them leave. I am not sure how I will hold myself together when this internship ends.

Worked on creating my programs, did some needle felting, made some buttons. The teens were playing exclusively disco music and Weird Al this week, which has taught me patience.

Honestly, not a whole lot to report. While it was crazy in the space getting pulled in every direction for different things, not too much happened on the individual scale. Been updating and reworking my resume and creating a spreadsheet of all of the programs I have been making. Thought I might as well do that while it is fresh so I can have it for interviews. I’m feeling so responsible.

The Zelda puzzle is almost complete! There were 2 teens that sat for 2 hours working on it and almost got it done. So close!


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