Captain’s Blog Stardate 11906.07

Well, I was just informed that everyone at IU can read my sleep deprived internship rants. So….hello!

Speaking of sleep deprived, I fell asleep twice during my internship this week. Once my boss had to wake me up. The other time I hadn’t realized I was asleep since my dream took place in the space, until I realized I could hear the rhythmic chanting of someone warning me that “she was dying” set to the tune of the the 3D printer. I am going to try to cut down on coffee.

The internship is going well. My boss was impressed by my book list I created and I have finished the script for the program I am doing. The space itself has been fairly quiet, so I spent some time playing DnD, until I was told that I was “too sassy” by one of the other players. To be fair, the character given to me was an emo necromancer tiefling with a raven familiar named Grave Dweller. It would have been a waste of my teenage emo stage to not be, at least, a little sassy.

The DM of that group was appalled that I had never read any books by YA Horror novelist Dawn Kurtagich and checked out a copy of And The Trees Crept In for me to read. It made me laugh that the kids are doing RA for me instead of the other way around, but it did warm my heart to see them taking an interest in reading and wanting to share their enthusiasm with me. As for the book it was a quick read with a lot of really cool ideas, but a disappointing ending.

The kids are really excited about Pride Month and have been creating really cool art and pronoun pins and representing us at different Pride events, including playing rainbow colored bagpipes to drown out the lone protester at Spencer Pride. I, as always, am so proud of these kids and the cool stuff they are doing.

Update about the puzzle, I finished a large chunk of the bottom row and someone has been slowly working their way through the top row. We might just finish it after all.


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