Captain’s Blog Stardate 11905.30

Hello Again!

This week was a little disjointed with Memorial day in there, but other than that it was quiet. Not in the space, it is the first week of summer break for most schools, but more in terms of things I needed to do. I finished up my Urban Fantasy YA booklist and I am incredibly proud of it. A lot of research and reading book reviews went into it and now that I have done it once, I really can’t wait to do it again. It also is helping me learn more about YA fiction, which should help with future RA required of me.

On that note, I will be helping the space do Library Loot, which is a cool project where teens fill out forms saying what books they like and we give them a new one along with a tote bag, some toys, and some snacks. So far all I have done is tie tea bags together, but in the first wave of registration we got 50 requests, so they are going to train me on how to do RA so I can help out. I am really excited to get that going.

In the space it was also the first week of the Summer Reading Program. At last count we had over 60 teens already signed up, which is pretty exciting. I also have a definite date for my first program and an idea for another one. Updates on that, when I have them. Watched 2 programs this week, one is a graphic novel book club which covered Spill Zone by Scott Westerfield and the other was the DnD Club. Both were highly attended and had a lot of interest and had the teens actively engaging with the materials, which was both fun and overwhelming. The teens can get loud.

As for the Zelda puzzle, I think people have given up on it. I might see if we can switch it out. The endless completely black pieces are mocking me every time I walk past.


Captain’s Blog Stardate 11905.22 (part 2)

This part is about getting to know the teens and learning more about the space itself. The Ground Floor hosts video games, board games, a design studio, books, instruments, computers, and a whole lot of other things. I have spent most of my time learning about all of the items we have and then messing around with them with the teens. I have done a lot of crafting, so far I have learned how to use a 3D pen, made buttons, needle felted a heart, made tiny books, and blackout poetry. I have never really been that into crafting, but it is the one-on-one time that I am getting with the teens that has been great. They are all really kind and open-minded which is really refreshing. They are all so confident in their own identities and are really throwing themselves into figuring out their places in the world, and that is inspiring to me.

I cannot talk about the teens enough. They are all so creative and so talented that is blows my mind. A lot of them are making their own art and music and posting it online, or are really good at competitive video games, or are making movies. It is just really fun to watch them all be creative and trying new things. One of them spent my entire shift teaching me how to yo-yo because he saw me struggling. Another teen has offered to teach me how to play Smash Bros on the Switch so I could be confident enough to join their games. They are all so welcoming and just grab me to go try something new with them because they like teaching and sharing what they know with others, and that has been so great. I come home every evening exhausted, working 2 jobs on top of this internship will do that to you, but so excited to go in the next day and try new things. 

Final update, that I will try to keep you posted on, is the continuing progress of the Legend of Zelda puzzle. This week I put a solid 45 minutes of effort into it and have come no closer. I swear we are missing some of the pieces. I will let you know if I progress any by next week.


Captain’s Blog Stardate 11905.22 (Part 1)

This first post is coming 3 weeks into my internship with the Ground Floor Teen Space at Monroe County Public Library and is broken into two parts. This first part will cover training and all of the background elements of the internship while part two will cover the space and working with the teens. I did training on the the Polaris circulation system used at the library as well as privacy and intellectual freedom training. In both cases, it was interesting to see what I had learned in classes about issues of intellectual freedom come into play in a active work environment. Also Sam has been great about talking to me about his time in the MLS and giving me advice on my degree, my career, and choosing a good fitting suit. Thanks Sam!

Beyond training, work is coming along nicely on my YA book list I am creating. The theme is YA paranormal fiction/urban fantasy. The lines get kind of blurred between the two, but it has been really fun researching new YA fiction. Just read “Out of Salem” by Hal Schrieve, which was great, and it made me realize how much I missed reading YA fiction. I am planning on reading some more books off of the list I am creating once it is done. Along those lines I also read “Spill Zone” by Scott Westerfeld for the Ground Floor’s graphic novel book club which meets next week.

Finally, I have determined what my program is going to be and hope to start writing it and planning it all as soon as this book list is done. I will post updates on that as it starts to take shape.

Sorry this one is boring, I promise I will try to make the other ones more interesting for my future viewing audience.