9th Post and the End of Encoding and Digitization

Today I finished up my work encoding and digitizing the four boxes of Mascouten materials at the Glenn Black Archaeology Lab. I have learned a lot from working on this project. Especially in the realms of EAD and XML encoding. I also learned about the archival best practices in use at the Glenn Black Lab and the ways in which the materials here are organized. I was also able to further develop my Photoshop skills and and gain proficiency with the Oxygen XML Editor. I also learned a lot about Indiana history and the different peoples that have lived in this region over the years. From the various Native American groups, to the French, to the British, and finally the Americans. The next thing on the agenda is to begin the next steps in the process to get the digitized materials uploaded to IU Archives online so they can be viewed by researchers and IU and around the world.

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