Curating at the Lilly: Week Nine

This week, truth be told, I did not work very much on my internship. This week was my “vacation” week. However, I did meet with our exhibition specialist from our Conservation Department. Everything seems to be progressing well. The exhibit items have been selected, measured, and positioned with plenty of room for explanatory text. In fact, we discovered a space where I can display a poster of my brainstorm map. I think the color coding in combination with the print-out of my bubble map will certainly help to communicate my vision for this complex exhibit.

In a way, I think the decision to take a break from the internship was a wise one. I feel that I needed to step back so I could return to my exhibit with a refreshed perspective. I have a tendency to obsess and stress over every last detail of a project that it drains my energy and creativity. I think one of the greatest pieces of advice I was given by a professor in college is to finish a paper a week before the due date so that you can spend a few days away from the paper. This way, you can do final revisions with a better, detached frame of mind.

My next step will be to draft labels for the approximately 30 items I have selected and start crafting my curator’s statement. I have plenty of work ahead of me, but as a result of my break, I feel re-energized to see this exhibit through to the end.

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