Teaching at the Undergraduate Level
Course #Short TitleFormatRoleTermYearEnrollment
Indiana University Bloomington
INFO-I 400Introduction to Data ScienceOnlineInstructorSummer202019
INFO-I 400Introduction to Data ScienceFace-to-faceInstructorSummer201912
Teaching at the Graduate Level
Course #Short TitleFormatRoleTermYearEnrollment
Indiana University Bloomington
Z581Introduction to Archives and Records ManagementOnlineInstructorFall202018
Z586Digital CurationFace-to-faceInstructorSpring202013
Z581Introduction to Archives and Records ManagementFace-to-faceInstructorFall201917
Z586Digital CurationFace-to-faceInstructorSpring201917
Z550Information Institutions and their ManagementFace-to-faceInstructorSpring201933
Z586Digital CurationFace-to-faceInstructorFall201712
Z550Information Institutions and their ManagementFace-to-faceInstructorSpring20179
Z586Digital CurationFace-to-faceInstructorFall201620
Z586Digital CurationFace-to-faceInstructorSpring20165
Z505Evaluation of Resources and ServicesFace-to-faceInstructorFall201525
Course #Short TitleFormatRoleTermYearEnrollment
University of Michigan
SI 500Information in Social SystemsFace-to-faceTAWinter201136
SI 501Contextual Inquiry and Project ManagementFace-to-faceTAFall201038

Z581 – Introduction to Archives and Records Management (Fall 2019)

Clay tablets students made to gain hands on experience with records creation and record-keeping practices of the archivists of ancient Mesopotamia.

Z550 – Information Institutions and their Management (Spring 2017)

Students learning about school librarianship and how to manage school libraries in context at Clear Creek Elementary School.

Z586 – Digital Curation (Fall 2016)

Students touring IU Data Center, a low-profile, single story bunkered design structure to protect the university's critical computers and networking equipment that is built to withstand an F5 tornado via FEMA building standards.

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