Course Description

This course will cover the design and analysis of secure systems. It will combine theoretical understanding with hands-on experience in adopting individual security protocols and technologies to develop a functioning whole. Students will learn to apply techniques related to authentication, access control, database security, network security, privacy, usability, and so on.

Students will be evaluated through class interaction, homework assignments, a lab-based class project, and a final exam. Students will also need to submit a research term-paper on a security or privacy related topic.

Class meetings Lectures: 11:15–12:05am, Mon/Wed Lindley Hall 008
Labs: 12:20–1:10pm, Fri Informatics East 009, Security Lab

Yan Huang

Office: Lindley Hall 330C Office
Hours: M/W after class, or by appointment

Associate Instructors Manoj Krishnan, Chinmay Deshpande
Email alias: {manokris, cadeshpa}
Office: Informatics East 009, Security Lab
Office Hours: Friday after class, or by appointment
  1. SB (Required): Computer Security: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition), by William Stallings and Lawrie Brown
  2. KL (Recommended): Introduction to Modern Cryptography, by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell
  3. Other assigned readings

Some programming background is necessary. A specific language is not required, but it is assumed you can pick up new languages where needed for this course.