From a health researcher perspective…

August 2017 – Always excited to publish with my health researcher colleagues (nurses, doctors, etc…). I learn so much from these domain specialists who care so deeply for the populations they work with. It’s always fun to see how they present their work to their colleagues… disciplinary cultures and norms vary so much! My latest such publications:

Unhealthy weight control strategies: An outcome of body image and eating tensions in women of Mexican origin living in rural farming communities. KF Stein, N Trabold, K Connelly – Journal of Health Psychology, 2017


Life-Space Predicts Health Care Utilization in Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Richard E Kennedy, Courtney P Williams, Patricia Sawyer, Alexander X Lo, Kay Connelly, Ariann Nassel, Cynthia J Brown. Journal of Aging and Health, 2017.

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