Spring 2019 Internship – Week 7

Spring 2019 Internship – Week 7

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I reached 800 new cataloged materials this week. I almost can’t believe that, but I don’t really know if this is a normal rate for cataloging – is it fast? Have I been moving slowly? It’s very hard to know, and that stresses me out a bit. Also, I have been filling more and more boxes of extraneous copies of books/publications, which is a very good thing as I am less sure than ever of all of our materials fitting on the shelves provided. I have only a few more boxes left to catalog. On a less positive note, my workspace is practically overflowing with books and publications. It looks like a warzone, and it’s starting to not only cause me stress, but others are beginning to make pointed comments about it, as my workspace is in an area where many people pass through on a daily basis. I am going to focus on completing the catalog, but this is something that I will need to address very soon.

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