Spring 2019 Internship – Week 6

Spring 2019 Internship – Week 6

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I have cataloged over 600 new materials for the library. I’m honestly a little worried about the amount of materials fitting into the small space – I have 9 book cases to work with, 800 new materials added onto the 500 existing books, and around 10 boxes left to work through. Other than these worries, work continues smoothly. This is a repetitive job at the moment, as cataloging really doesn’t differ very much between materials. Recently, I have been wishing that I knew just a bit more about geology, as sometimes it’s very hard to understand exactly which subject a publication is focused on. A good portion of my time at work is googling various geological terms to make sure I know exactly what is being discussed – but I am a bit more knowledgeable now, so I suppose that’s a positive outcome!

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