Spring 2019 Internship – Week 12

Spring 2019 Internship – Week 12

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Although this is the last week of blog posts for my directed reading course, I am not done working with the IGWS. At least until the very end of the semester (hopefully after, but that depends on what my supervisors can compromise on), I will be continuing the last leg of my project: finalizing the IGWS’ library organization. This has been a very interesting process for me, as I have been able to gain a wider breadth of experience than I was expecting. I have processed, cataloged, weeded, arranged, and described over 1500 materials in total for this library. I hope to continue working on this project until it is finished – but even if I can’t, I am proud of the work that I did, and that I have at least laid a strong foundation for my successors to build upon.

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