Spring 2019 Internship – Week 11

Spring 2019 Internship – Week 11

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I had to do just a little bit more cataloging this week; I had set the maps in the collection aside to do after the main part of the library was completed, so I formally cataloged the maps (around 150 in total). After that was done, I began the task of finalizing the library’s organization this week. I focused mainly on the maps in the collection, as mathematical geology (cartography) comes first in the organizational plan I came up with. It took longer than I anticipated, because I had a lot to consider – was I going to alphabetize the maps? Was I going to organize them by date? I decided to alphabetize the maps by state first, and then by county/quadrangle in a given state (usually Indiana), and then by date if there were multiple maps of a single county. I think this system will work throughout the collection, as so many of the publications are contingent on the state/county that they were studying.

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