Spring 2019 Internship – Week 10

Spring 2019 Internship – Week 10

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Help did come, not from coworkers or my supervisor, but in the form of a good friend, Casey Burgess. I had been telling her about the latest development of needing to make my workspace more aesthetically pleasing while also trying to get the library formally organized. She told me in no uncertain terms that on Friday, she would stop by and provide the extra pair of hands I desperately needed. We separated the piles of books that had merged together to make it easier on me later, when I would need to organize the books in the broad subjects I had laid out. Then, we put the books on the shelves of the bookcases to clear the space around me and make the library LOOK more organized, although not much more organization had been done. I was immediately less overwhelmed, and people in my building were much happier with the way it looked. This experience has taught me that I really do need to be able to ask for help when I need it, which I will endeavor to do in the future.

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