Beginning a Bibliography

I mentioned before that the final product of this entire Disney Film Music Project is a bibliography listing all of the unpublished Disney works held by the Library of Congress. The last half of this internship my supervisor and I have begun this undertaking, teaching me a lot about the forgotten science of bibliography.

So what is a bibliography, and why does it matter? Essentially, a bibliography is a list of books. As a practiced science, before the age of the internet, bibliographers would compile lists of books organized in specific ways to help with research. For example, there are bibliographies of every work created by a specific author or composer. There are also bibliographies that compile writings from all sorts of people on just a single subject. These days one can find some similar lists on websites, but most finely-crafted lists are found as published books.

The hope of creating a bibliography of the Library of Congress’ unpublished Disney scores is to give an organized list of everything in the collection in order to facilitate the research and finding of this music. Each entry will include the song title, composer and lyricist, if the song is unused, it’s call number, and it’s copyright registration date and number. With this information, a researcher can track a specific composer’s work with Disney, research the way songs for a film changed during it’s production, and study the creative process captured within the deposits.

Helping create this bibliography has been really enlightening to all the work that goes into forming these lists, and I look forward to contributing as much to it as I can.