Writing a blog

One of the neat things I am able to do during my time with the Music Division of the Library of Congress is be a guest author on their blog, In the Muse. Due to the close work I am getting with a special collection, they wanted to give me an opportunity to share some of the cool stories that I was discovering (no pressure, right?).

Truthfully, I have been learning a lot of fascinating things about Disney by spending time with the film music deposits. For example, I learned that a main lyricist in the production studio that wrote for Disney television and live-action films, Gil George, was actually a woman! Her name was Hazel George, and she wasn’t even on the music team. She was the studio nurse and a close friend of Walt’s, and wrote lyrics under the pseudonym for many years.

I’ve also learned that Disney Studios did a lot of other work beyond making films, silly cartoons, and television shows. Disney also created military training videos for soldiers during World War II, created cartoons to promote good habits and morals for children, and participated significantly in the 1964 World’s Fair in their exhibition of audio-animatronics.

So what did I end up writing about for my guest blog post? Head on over to In the Muse to check it out!

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