About Me

Ben Jelen

I’m a Health Informatics PhD Candidate at Indiana University working with older adults to create personalized electronic devices through crafting skills. These devices can be anything from systems to promote their health and well-being to improving the aesthetics of their crafting projects. I’m especially interested in Internet of Things (IoT) style devices that can support these goals.

I see personalization as one key to supporting people’s engagement with technology that can help them, so I’m always looking to encourage people, especially novices, to explore. That’s one reason I see electronic toolkits as an excellent way to abstract technical knowledge and engage in technology in a personally meaningful way. This may mean improving the aesthetics of a particular craft by adding lights, or customizing an object to provide a valuable function for them.

Currently, I’m researching with my adviser, Dr. Katie Siek, in the ProHealth Lab, and my work was supported through the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. I’m always looking for opportunities to expand my interest in the intersection of older adults, maker technology, and health.