Week 11: Freedom House Milestone and Blog Publication

After spending an entire dealing with that messy data, we are finally done with the Freedom House visualization dashboard. The dashboard includes features like a choropleth map of freedom statuses, rankings views, time series charts, rate of instability charts and filters related to regions and electoral democracy status. We will be reaching out to Freedom House (the organization that produces the index) to see if they could partner with us for the project.

We also heard from BNE Intellinews and they were very interested in publishing my article on media sustainability. I spent my second half of the week cutting down some content to bring it to some 800 words. The cutting down took me a while since I had to make sure that I keep the important parts and not lose the juice of it. I am waiting for the editor to give me some feedback on the article!

Published by Ashwed Patil

Graduate Student in Information Science interesting in pursuing a career in data analytics for public and non-profit sector and international development.

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