Week 8: One more blog milestone!

After weeks of slogging through endless drafts, my efforts have finally bore fruits. My data driven blog on the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) has been selected by Balkan Insight, an investigative reporting news site for publication. I feel very proud and happy about this!

My Spring Break week didn’t go as I expected it to be. I was sick with a viral thing for three days, so I had a little bit of slowdown at work. I started with the data preparation for the Freedom House Project and it is some pretty messy work (and sometimes frustrating as well). There’s a lot of formatting and copy pasting in Excel and some of it in Python as well, but that’s how data prep is I guess.

Published by Ashwed Patil

Graduate Student in Information Science interesting in pursuing a career in data analytics for public and non-profit sector and international development.

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