Week 5 and 6: Data Driven Storytelling

I spent a massive chunk of Week 5 and Week 6 writing my data-driven blog on the Civil Societies Sustainability Index (CSO-SI). That was basically about the importance of civil society organizations (non-profits) and how to assess them. The CSO-SI is an index created by the USAID to evaluate the strength and viability of the CSO sector but they lacked a data driven perspective on the topic. For my blog, I took this data and did a data driven analysis to figure out some insights and trends. I am so happy that after weeks of working on this, the blog is finally complete.

For Week 7, I am going to work on a similar blog for the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) and continue working on the Freedom House project.

Published by Ashwed Patil

Graduate Student in Information Science interesting in pursuing a career in data analytics for public and non-profit sector and international development.

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