Week 3: Refining Old Work and Start of a New Project

So Week 3 is over and I have finally settled down at work and don’t feel overwhelming. I got good feedback on my Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index (CSO-SI) use case and I just finished the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) use case. The next step is re-purposing this use cases into blogs which is a lot more fun because I finally get to play with some data-sets and then write an analytics-focused blog.

I also started with a new project – The Freedom House Index which evaluated the status of political rights and civil liberties in 150+ countries across the world. This is a lot more technical work that included researching on data, data preparation, cleaning and then creating a visualization dashboard. Looks like a lot of work for the coming weeks!

Published by Ashwed Patil

Graduate Student in Information Science interesting in pursuing a career in data analytics for public and non-profit sector and international development.

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