Week 13: Wrapping Up!

So I spent the last half of my week 12 and three days of my week 13 working on the UNICEF project. This use case is a little different than the other ones because it is substantially longer and has a lot of content to write on – survey design, data management, data analysis and visualization, training materials and maintenance. I also had to make a graphic that showed all the phases in the project lifecycle.

I will definitely miss working with my supervisors. I learned a great deal of stuff in these last 3 months and I am looking forward to utilizing this knowledge for future endeavors!

Week 12 – New Project!

So we didn’t have a lot of luck with our survey thing but I ended up getting a dream project – writing a use case for a UNICEF project! Apparently, UNICEF South Sudan is a client for my company and they are doing this humanitarian monitoring and evaluation thing for which my company is providing them advisory support. I will be writing a use case for their first phase where they collected survey data and did some analysis on that. Sounds exciting!

Week 11: Freedom House Milestone and Blog Publication

After spending an entire dealing with that messy data, we are finally done with the Freedom House visualization dashboard. The dashboard includes features like a choropleth map of freedom statuses, rankings views, time series charts, rate of instability charts and filters related to regions and electoral democracy status. We will be reaching out to Freedom House (the organization that produces the index) to see if they could partner with us for the project.

We also heard from BNE Intellinews and they were very interested in publishing my article on media sustainability. I spent my second half of the week cutting down some content to bring it to some 800 words. The cutting down took me a while since I had to make sure that I keep the important parts and not lose the juice of it. I am waiting for the editor to give me some feedback on the article!

Week 10: Dealing With Messy Data

This week, I finally found all the data sets and sources we will be using for the Freedom House project and started with the data cleaning process. Data cleaning and pre-processing is a crucial process in analytics – data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning and pre-processing data. Looks like I got a good taste of it. So, this is basically what I am doing in the data cleaning process:

  1. Merge data before 2003 with the data after 2003 (this is messy since they are in different formats and aggregation levels)
  2. Merge data related to freedom in disputed territories (e.g. West Bank and Gaza)
  3. Find and merge population data going back to 1973 and data about electoral democracies

About the MSI blog, we didn’t get any updates from the editor which was frankly speaking, very unprofessional. We have decided to reach out to BNE Intellinews, another news reporting site in Europe to see if they are interested in publishing my blog. Let’s see what happens!

Week 9: New Data Collection

So I have started with the Freedom House Project and I had to research and compile data on the Freedom in the World Index. This index basically assesses political rights and civil liberties across 209 countries and territories. We are planning to collect data all the way back to 1973 and make a visualization dashboard out of it. Before I dive into the data collection process, I am spending some time understanding some context behind the Freedom House index by reading some articles about it. Turns out that it is widely reported in the media and used by researchers and policy makers!

Week 8: One more blog milestone!

After weeks of slogging through endless drafts, my efforts have finally bore fruits. My data driven blog on the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) has been selected by Balkan Insight, an investigative reporting news site for publication. I feel very proud and happy about this!

My Spring Break week didn’t go as I expected it to be. I was sick with a viral thing for three days, so I had a little bit of slowdown at work. I started with the data preparation for the Freedom House Project and it is some pretty messy work (and sometimes frustrating as well). There’s a lot of formatting and copy pasting in Excel and some of it in Python as well, but that’s how data prep is I guess.

Week 7: Blog Milestone Achieved

My blog on the Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index (CSOSI) is finally up on the company’s website and social media platforms. After weeks refining the writing, it feels great to receive good feedback on your work.

I spent almost the entire week working on the Media Sustainability Week (MSI) and it’s mostly done with a few minor edits. We are going to share that blog with the Data Visualization Society, a huge of data viz enthusiasts from all over the world. I am excited and nervous at the same time! Will keep you guys updated

Week 5 and 6: Data Driven Storytelling

I spent a massive chunk of Week 5 and Week 6 writing my data-driven blog on the Civil Societies Sustainability Index (CSO-SI). That was basically about the importance of civil society organizations (non-profits) and how to assess them. The CSO-SI is an index created by the USAID to evaluate the strength and viability of the CSO sector but they lacked a data driven perspective on the topic. For my blog, I took this data and did a data driven analysis to figure out some insights and trends. I am so happy that after weeks of working on this, the blog is finally complete.

For Week 7, I am going to work on a similar blog for the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) and continue working on the Freedom House project.

Week 4: Work Continues

Nothing new has happened in Week 4, but my use cases for both the Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index (CSO-SI) and Media Sustainability Index (MSI) are finally up on the company’s website. It feels good to see your work finally getting visibility. Both my supervisors were happy with my work although I feel I could have done a lot better!

Week 4 has been a little hard on me, I had a very hectic week with a lot of stuff to do, so I couldn’t keep up with work and feel sick. I was supposed to finish my blog for the CSO-SI blog last Sunday but I still haven’t finished it. Hope Week 5 turns out nice!

Week 3: Refining Old Work and Start of a New Project

So Week 3 is over and I have finally settled down at work and don’t feel overwhelming. I got good feedback on my Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index (CSO-SI) use case and I just finished the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) use case. The next step is re-purposing this use cases into blogs which is a lot more fun because I finally get to play with some data-sets and then write an analytics-focused blog.

I also started with a new project – The Freedom House Index which evaluated the status of political rights and civil liberties in 150+ countries across the world. This is a lot more technical work that included researching on data, data preparation, cleaning and then creating a visualization dashboard. Looks like a lot of work for the coming weeks!